2017 Funded Projects

Primary School Pond Project Underway!

Orleton Primary School got in touch with us to help them with their pond project. They wanted to turn their pond into a practical educational tool for the children, enabling larger groups of children to study the pond life and to be able to do so all year round.

The money we donated to the school will help them to remove a beech hedge, replace the safety fence and gate and double the size of the pond. This will enable the school to install an island for amphibians and add a pond dipping platform for up to 10 children to be able to dip together.

They’ve done a great job so far and we’re sure the finished project will look fab!

Foundation sponsors the Rotary Young Driver Awareness Programme

Oswestry Cambrian Rotary have partnered with Thinking Driving, a professional training company, to deliver a new youth programme produced by Cambrian Rotary that focuses on the consequences of making bad decisions whilst behind the wheel and coping strategies for passengers who may find themselves in difficult situations whilst being in a car. The Foundation are pleased to have sponsored this great initiative and can’t wait to hear how the programme progresses.

Musical Theatre Group welcome 2017 with a bang!

Our Paraplanner Sara Jones is a keen performer outside of work, and is an instructer at a North Wales musical theatre company. Each year they put on an end of year show and this time it was Annie Junior!

Throughout the year they do a number of fundraisers to help with costings towards the show, but to help them get to their target a little quicker the Foundation offered the group £500. All of the shows were a real hit and the group couldn’t have had more fun taking part in the performance!

Project High

A company based at West Cheshire College have set up ‘Project High’ - a brand new touring show educating year 5 and 6 students in Chester and North Wales about the realism of leaving primary school and taking the next step to high school where they will spend the next 7 years of education.

With the show being offered to children for free and the promise of a high school survival guide – the project was looking for some funding to help make sure they were able to deliver everything. The Foundation have sponsored them £400 towards their target. We’re eagerly awaiting to hear about the success of the show.

St Martin’s Football Club Kits

Eager to kick off the football season with a new kit, St Martin’s football club approached us to see if we could help fund their kit and be their sponsors. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity and the team are in the process of having their kits completed.

Volunteering in Tanzania

Dental Nurse, Beth Moran was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join a team of dental professionals in Tanzania, providing emergency dental care to a very remote and rural region.

We donated £500 to get Beth to Tanzania for this once in a life time trip. Here Beth shares a snippet from her trip; “I am so grateful for my wonderful experience in Tanzania. I have learnt a lot about a beautiful country its culture and welcoming inhabitants. The trip was a great success as the team I joined managed to treat over a thousand patients and most importantly we trained seven clinical officers. These clinical officers are now equipped with the right tools and knowledge to be able to diagnose dental disease, treat and extract teeth safely and correctly refer patients who need more specialist care.”

Gobowen Scout Group sent to Switzerland

Mrs Cassidy, Group Scout Leader of the 1st Gobowen Scout Group came to us for help with funding a trip to the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg, Switzerland that took place in August.

Without hesitation, the Foundation donated £500 to this unique opportunity.

During the trip, the Explorer Scouts were looking to achieve their Queens Scout Award - the highest award in Scouting and is a recognized award by employers and the younger scouts were working on their Chief Scout Gold Award.

The group were able to meet Scouts from all over the world, getting to know them and their culture.  Activities included walking in the mountains, climbing, international evenings, eco projects, solar project, and many, many more.

BioBlitz event at Old Oswestry Hill Fort

Oswestry Heritage Gateway were looking for some help with funding to enable them to run a BioBlitz event at Old Oswestry Hill Fort in July.

The Foundation donated £250 towards the running of the event, which provided an opportunity for people of all ages, including young adults and children, to participate in research and an educational survey of ecology on the hillfort. Those involved will learn from the experts, acquiring new practical and identification skills to help local understanding of the value of ecology and this will encourage ongoing engagement in preserving and maintaining this important landmark.