2015 Funded Projects

West Felton Youth Group

£500 is donated to equip local youth club

With very little to keep the village children occupied, a local team have set up a youth club in West Felton.  Although a huge effort was made to recruit volunteers and sponsors, the team didn’t quite make enough money to provide the children with both the football table and pool table they were after, so the Foundation was more than happy to step in and help buy the pool table, plus some extras for the club. The kids were that thankful of the charity’s help they have vowed to hold a sponsored tournament/event to raise money for the foundation.

Rebecca Soul 61 journey

Aberystwyth student, Rebecca receives £500 for her ‘Soul 61’ journey

Soul 61 is a Christian Leadership programme, which will see Rebecca live and work alongside a Soul Survivor church, helping her develop her own character and better understand how she can serve people.

Rebecca will head off on this 10 month volunteer trip in October. We’ll be following her journey and hope to add regular updates to the Charlotte Hartey Foundation website.

St Martins Scouts

Foundation helps send 8 St Martin’s Scouts to Shropshire Linx Camp

Eight hopeful scouts we’re looking for help to raise funds to attend the Shropshire Linx Camp in July.

As well as the Scouts hosting several bag packing and fundraising events, the Foundation donated £480 towards the week long camp, where the Scouts would undergo a number of outdoor activities. 

Emily Albanian Action Team

Foundation offers £500 to set Emily on her Albanian Action Team journey

Emily has opted to use her gap year to take part on the Albanian Action Team programme which will entail everything from helping with youth and children’s, groups, supporting church services and teaching English classes.

Further to this she will be travelling around different UK schools to share her experiences and inspire others to take part in the programme.

We’d like to wish Emily the very best and we look forward to following her journey.